Natural Help for ADD/ADHD, and Autism

Witwer Chiropractic is unique in our natural, effective approach to helping children with ADD/ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders, and other neurological disorders. With chiropractic care, we have seen great improvement in function in their day-to-day lives.

Dr. Tom explains, “I always knew I loved working with children, and the more I learned about how chiropractic care could help those with ADHD and Autism, the more my desire grew to help these special cases.”

Understanding The Brain and Body

We know that chiropractic can help the mind function better, and helps children achieve more balance without drugs. This is achieved naturally, by removing subluxations and allowing the body to fully express itself.

We use the ideas and training of Dr. Hallowell and the SHINE program for ADD/ADHD, which operates by the idea that these neurological disorders are not really “disorders” or “deficits” at all. Instead, we view these as personality traits which can actually work for the better of the individual if managed properly.

Dr. Tom also uses the teachings and training of Epic Pediatrics, which is an educational organization made up of like-minded pediatric doctors of chiropractic found throughout the world. This community of doctors is in constant contact sharing and supporting one another for the main goal of “healthy kids—healthy families”. Dr. Tom is therefore better able to understand and care for an array of struggles and ailments faced by infants and children from ear infections to autism.

Our Approach

Our care extends far beyond the adjusting room. By offering thorough, well-rounded care to our patients, we are able to achieve wonderful results.

We strive to help our autistic and ADHD patients in every way possible, even down to bringing our dog into the office as an informal therapeutic way to enhance their visit with us.

As a parent, we will also help educate you about what you can do at home as far as diet and nutrition to help your little one be their best.

Natural, effective care is possible and we would love for you to be our next success story. Why wait any longer? Call or stop by today to get started.

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