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Witwer Chiropractic Techniques

What Do People Love About Us?

Sidney Chiropractor gives instrument adjustment

We offer gentle, non-cracking adjustments

Dr. Tom’s techniques fall under the umbrella of “gentle non-cracking adjustments”. About 99% of the adjustments he performs are instrument-based and don’t cause any popping sound or require any twisting. He uses:

  • Activator
  • Arthrostim

Patients respond well to our low force, gentle adjusting techniques. Even the tiniest babies are gently adjusted and feel nothing.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Sidney Chiropractors?

Patients, especially those who’ve never seen a chiropractor before, love that there is no cracking and popping during adjustments. But they also love that Dr. Tom spends ample time with them during the adjusting process.

As he’s adjusting a patient, Dr. Tom is looking for feedback from each patient’s body to ensure they’re responding well to the adjustments. And he can alter his approach if necessary in order to work toward the patient’s long-term wellness.

Experience the benefit of low force, gentle adjustments. Call us at (937) 498-0076 for an appointment.

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