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patient checking in at Witwer Chiropractic

We are excited to welcome you to our office


What To Expect at Witwer Chiropractic

Your First Visit

You can expect to be in the office for about 90 minutes, unless you bring your history form and paperwork already filled out, which could save 10-15 minutes.

Once we have your paperwork in hand, you’ll get started with:

  • Providing your insurance information – please bring your card
  • A thorough discussion of your history – roughly 20 minutes
  • An examination including tests and measurements with the Insight Subluxation Station
If you’ve been injured, we’ll also be sure to perform:

  • Range of motion tests
  • Algometry tests
  • More extensive observation with orthopedic and neurological tests
Some other special cases may require extra consultation time, including:

  • Children OR adults with ADHD
  • Autism and ASD

In these cases, Dr. Tom will spend more time with the adult patient or the mother of a child patient, gathering details perhaps as far back as from pregnancy onward. All of this information is helpful in improving your health and that of your child.

Once your exam is complete, we will:

  • Take time to analyze what we found
  • Perform therapy if you need it
  • Adjustment if an emergency

To speed up the process of your first visit, you may choose to complete your paperwork before you arrive:

Please contact us and we will email you our patient intake form.

At Your Second Visit

Witwer Chiropractic uses the arthrostim

Dr. Tom will use the gentle Arthrostim instrument to adjust you in comfort

You can expect this visit to last roughly 30 minutes.

This time you will:

  • Receive a Report of Findings and have it explained
  • Be able to ask questions and have them answered
  • Get adjusted
  • Receive any necessary therapy (this will take additional time)
  • Receive a treatment plan
  • If necessary, have a financial consult

One of the potential cases where we conduct a financial consult is when a patient has limited insurance. It’s our policy to ensure you get NO financial surprises. You can rest assured we’ll explain costs for your treatment plan, what your insurance may pay, and work with you to decide what care you’d like to receive as a result.

A Typical Visit

Once you have completed your first and second visits and are under a treatment plan, you can expect visits to last 15 to 20 minutes total – from walking in the door to leaving.

Occasionally at our very busiest times of day there is a backlog and you may have to wait briefly. The maximum wait time is generally 10 minutes.

Still have questions? Call us at (937) 498-0076 and learn how we can help.

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