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As a chiropractor in Sidney, Dr. Tom understands that our bodies were created with everything they need to be healthy, and that sickness and pain are all brought on by things from the outside – the stresses of everyday life, the food we put in our bodies, and other toxins in our environment.

By getting our bodies back to the state where they are able to optimally function as they were designed, we have found that health abounds. And, this all happens naturally – with no need for drugs or surgery.

Our Love For Holistic Wellness

As Dr. Tom describes his decision to become a chiropractor, he explains “Being able to get a body to function, without cutting, without drugs, that’s what sparked my interest.”

The beauty of chiropractic is that it does not treat conditions. Instead, we find and remove subluxations, and many conditions of life will improve because of the natural healing power of the body.

Dr. Tom especially loves the healing power that a simple human touch can have. When he speaks of giving an adjustment he says, “I love adjusting and knowing that everything I do is improving the body in some form or fashion.”

Helping You Help Yourself

Here at Witwer Chiropractic, we take care of pain too, but our main focus is helping you to maintain wellness by taking responsibility for your own body and health.

Not only do we help get your body in shape, we also do our best to provide educational opportunities so that you can understand how to keep yourself healthy and be equipped to take the appropriate steps toward wellness.

We have found that chiropractic works better when you are engaged in the process of health. We’ll do all we can to empower your body to perform its best, and we hope that you will, too.

Do something good for yourself today. Get started by calling us at (937) 498-0076.

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